• Selfcare Routine Classes

    Selfcare Routine Classes

    Once a week you can take part in a live Selfcare Routine class (including the recording) with me. These self-care routine classes focus on you and your current needs. Every week and every day is different, especially for us women – we are cyclical beings and our bodies and our emotional world go through the…


  • Women’s Sharing Circle

    Women’s Sharing Circle

    A sharing circle is a safe and gentle space where we women can come together, share our individual journey through life, feel safe, seen, heard and held. Since the beginning of time, women have met in circles to exchange ideas and share their experiences, stories, ideas, thoughts and wisdom. It’s a place where women can…


  • About me

    About me

    PSYCHOLOGIN – BERATUNG – MENSTRUAL CYCLE SPECIALIST – FEMALE EMPOWERMENT Julia Sedelmaier is a psychologist, yoga teacher and nature and mountain lover. Her holistic approach connects body, mind, emotion and soul and leads to a connection with oneself. Her work relates to getting back into your body safely (rediscovering your safe space), getting to know…